analog projects

I mainly work with a computer, but my real passion is working without the screen. Leather, wood, glass, fabrics or wool. I love working with all sorts of materials.

Owl bag
My owl bag started out as an illustration. The idea of it becoming a bag came at a later stage, when I accidentally deleted the upper layer of the head. I noticed the face went from angry to suprised, It made me laugh and I wanted to somehow add this transition to my design. This is when I thought of flipping layers back and forth, like opening a bag... The idea was born ;)

After designing it on screen, I loved it so much I wanted it for real. I got the materials from an old bag and a leather trouser from the local thrift shop.

This free way of working and leaving room for designs to change and become something new, is what I really enjoy doing. I'm very happy with the result, it's my favorite bag!

Paradox patterns
This idea came from looking for some nice wall decoration in my bedroom. I had an old blacklight in my closet, which I wanted to put to good use. When coming across these paradox patterns, a lightbulb above my head lightened up.

I bought four square canvases and painted them with in the colours of my room. Then I embroided the patterns on it with normal while wool. Now in both day and night, my wall looks awesome and I got something unique!

Jar lamp
Often my projects have a goal, like this one. When I work on my projects, I need some good light and this was missing. The lamp is made out of a piece of recycled wood, with ten spaghetti sauce jars and pendel fittings. On some of the jars I have painted stripes with glass etching paint, this makes for some variety. They hang on different heights for playfulness and are connected with screw terminals in the slot on top of the wooden beam.

I came across some technical challenges during this project, but Google is my friend. It works perfectly and the extra light is great!