bba binnenmilieu

During my time at Studio Piraat,
I have designed this identity concept for BBA Binnenmilieu. BBA is an indoor environment specialist for public buildings, office buildings and new houses. They research and alter the quality of: air, light, climate and sound.

Their business is based on an invisible product, therefor a little tricky to visualise. I had a very calm and clean identity in mind, no screaming colours or wild unnecessary shapes and lines.

For this identity I wanted to show, indoor climates, I used three circles for that. With a faded line up and down, I turned the circles into the letters bba. A fourth bigger circle holds everything together.

I picked four pastel colours, one for each category. Combined in a gradient, two different colours can visualise several indoor climates. The photography is clean and slightly symmetrical, similar to the logo. The three little dots are a simple and yet recognisable design element, to use in all online and offline publications.