gemeente den haag

During my time at Studio Piraat,
I have designed this recycling campaign for the government of The Hague. The city experiences a lot of problems with unclarity about recycling and big waste like; furniture, electrics and cardboard boxes being placed next to the public underground bins.

It makes the streets messy and it blocks the roads and sidewalks. They were looking for a clear campaign, to inform people how to recycle and what they can do with all types of waste. We came up with a simple, yet catchy title; Love Den Haag Clean, under this title we created several projects.

As a notable eye catcher I used a short question, for example; karton of papier? (cardboard or paper?) with a photo of a cardboard box.
Or; uitgezeten? (done sitting?) with a photo of an old chair.

The rest of the information is very minimal, with a lot of images and illustrations. This avoids people from getting bored with too much information and it makes it easier to understand. I implemented this visual communication throughout the whole campaign.