the crowded house

During my time as a backpacker I volunteered in a backpackers hostel in Langkawi (Malaysia). When the road to the hostel changed, it was hard for new guests to find the place. They asked to me to paint an old cable drum wheel they had lying around, with a big arrow pointing to the right direction. I was not very convinced this would be enough, so I came up with a better idea.

The hostel did not have a logo or any of that kind, so it was time they got one. With the idea in mind that it would be transferred to the big wheel, I designed a fitting logo which directly gives the right feel. The place is surrounded by hornbill birds and has a colourful and arty diy-look. The playfulness and vibe of the hostel is visible in the logo.

I am pretty sure people know where to go now, but if not. I had a great time making it! The Crowded House is one of my favorite hostels in Southeast Asia. Being able to do a creative project like this, made my time there even more memorable.