The livestock farming industry has been a hot topic for years. Fraud with labels, unsanitary conditions and animal cruelty. However, is this really what it's all about? Or is there much more to it?

The livestock farming industry causes many environmental problems and makes up for an unfair food and water distribution. Especially for the production of meat, we use an immense amount of water, tons of vegetables and a lot of energy. Therefore it is an inefficient way of producing food. With our rapidly growing world population, the demand for meat will double in the next 25 years. Can our earth keep up? Or do we need to come up with an alternative?

Vleesvrees is my graduation project from Willem de Kooning Academy. The project is an informative campaign, with the the animation video as a main focus. It shows the environmental pressure that the livestock farming industry has on the planet and suggests possible options for the future.


From February 2015 till January 2016, Vleesvrees was part of the exhibition FOODTOPIA in museum Boerhaave in Leiden (NL).

In July 2015, Vleesvrees was part of the exhibition DESIGN TO FEED THE WORLD in Fabrica del Vapore in Milan (IT).


My main goal was to raise awareness around the subject and to inform people about the problem. I succeeded this goal, when the video went viral on the Dutch social media. Hundreds of likes, shares, comments, press releases and over 20.000 views on YouTube alone!